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SuperimposeHe doesn't look like a gymnast. He's all button down shirts and frazzled grey hair framing wire spectacles, a picture perfect professorial archetype down to the very tips of his frayed shoelaces. But he was a gymnast once, or so he tells us, and I believe him because he smiles like he knows something while he's chatting before class.
It's strange to see that image superimposed over the current one – the distinguished professor in pressed khaki slacks and a jacket, worn brown loafers exuding a faintly courteous manner (you can always tell them by their shoes), and a ring on the fourth finger of his left hand – versus the athletic kid who went to college for a semester and grew nine inches too tall to keep doing what he loved so he took up a tennis racquet instead. Gymnasts don't wear suit jackets; no steel mill worker has such manicured nails. But the images are all there, flickering just under the surface and bubbling up again when he's recounting stories about his days in Pi
Tangential AsymptotesI think about falling in math class.
The boy in front of me is writing diligently, noting each and every word as though he forgot it was all in the textbook. He has dark hair all tangled up in the back like a bramble of thornbushes and his green hoodie looks like it could use a good washing.
The professor is rattling on about asymptotes, about two lines that go on forever, getting closer and closer but never touching. He tells us about the Greek roots of the word; asymptotos, that it means "not falling together," and he scribbles nonsense equations on the board and hopes that we understand them better than he does because tenure is the only reason he's teaching this class.
As much as I hate math, I have to admit there's something beautiful about the concept. Something romantic and longing, something I can relate to in a sea of cold precision and dispassionate numbers.
I think about falling in math class. I think about fractals and their intricate patterns, turning equations into art. T
Some Lovers III died on a cold
day, numbed fingers flexing,
grasping at the last traces of embers  
withering in the grate.
I died holding your hand,
the hand I accidentally fractured
when I pushed you  too
harshly near an edge
and you flailed to find
a more elegant way
to fall and then
I heard the scaphoid crack –
but I didn't. I heard the cry
first and the pain came later
but you held my
hand anyway.
I died with my arms
held over my head,
pinned down to the sheets by your solid
mass, fingers entwined  
with yours until I
could no longer tell which bones
were my own. I baked
in the aftermath of the dying
heat and felt the blood
back into my fingers
before forgetting again
as you sighed into my neck.
I died on a cold
day, but I never felt
SurrogateI stopped using his full title
because it started sounding too formal,
and it’s hard to be standoffish with someone
who swaps albums and memories so generously,
who loves German chocolate but hates the smell of oranges,
who knows me by my boneless,
drowsy form on the couch and by my words.
And maybe one day he’ll ask
me to drop the title altogether and call him Brad,
but I won’t.
Because it sounds too much like dad,
and I’m afraid of slipping up.
He doesn't write poetry anymore.He doesn’t write poetry anymore,
even if he still collects it, reads it, saves it, treasures
faded verses from his wife the way connoisseurs
savor vinyl over metallic rainbows on disc.
I don’t mind not knowing, but I can’t stand not asking.
The record needle hits the groove wrong;
he stumbles over words that aren’t there,
rummaging for an answer he doesn’t really have.
He doesn’t write poetry anymore
and his confusion is strangely endearing.
But there’s a lyricism to his words that I love,
poetic lines inserted between the daily grind
of character names and who said what;
voiceless boys in white and draymen carting the dead to saltwater lakes,
elegiac undertones that haunt historians and forlorn painters.
He doesn’t write poetry anymore –
except when he does.
Stories of feelings with no names - Revision i.
The feeling you get the day after sending a letter, and you know there is no possible way that the recipient has received your message, let alone formulated time to write a reply. You still get just a little hopeful when you hear the mailman drive by. You rush out to the postbox a little too quickly and are disappointed by the pile of free coupons, bills, charity flyers, and a late Christmas card from your late Grandma Moses.
You lost your voice one day. You woke up to a hollow echo in the base your throat and knew you’d lost something special before you’d ever had a chance to say anything worthwhile. You checked under the bed and tried the lost and found, but couldn’t even ask if anyone had heard it lately.
A sudden awareness that occurs during funerals that you are going to die. You are dying right now – your cells are shedding like snakeskin and your hair is turning silver and every moment is one less than
Autumn was my first love.October, I follow you -
from the magic lights of New York
to moonshines in Georgia,
until the colors dissolve.
The anxious poetry of autumn
made a memory of me.
Here’s to things I take for granted:
September blues,
chasing airplanes,
country road thunderstorms.
Unspoken words, unwritten ideas.
October, I follow you;
I thought I saw you on the shore
where the river runs through gold
on the last boat leaving the city of a hundred spires -
or perhaps Pittsburgh
(it was the lights I guess).
Here’s to the things we leave behind:
sunbeams in November,
letters addressed to no one,
poems, wounds, dead birds.
I’ve got that summertime sadness.
Maybe you’re gonna come back;
we’re changing our ways, taking different roads
and loneliness knows me by name
but October, I follow you;
without you I’m a winter heart,
a love story you don’t want,
a November shade of grey hunting ghosts
in cities that sleep inside our heads.
You told me you lied the night you kiss
is the hush of the ocean,
the glossy paint on your car,
the gleam in your eyes.
It's the ruffle of parchment in the glove compartment
of your susurrating '57 Thunderbird
as we leave the last rumble of brontide behind
on a salt-crushed highway.
Traces of powdered sugar noses
and mint milkshake lips
were cold reminders
of warm nostalgic days
when summer could melt the tarmac
like my bones under your gaze.
Old SoulsDoc says I’m an old
soul, with my postcards
and letters, and waste-no-words
policy. Doc says old souls still make eye
contact instead of playing with iPhones,
mirrors that stare back, and tell
us who we are by knowing
who they are.
Doc tells me I’m an old
soul in a young body, taming
wild Internets and bringing my words
to heel like a triple score
in a game of Scrabble.
That I was born in the wrong
decade, that I was meant to punch
typewriter keys like a boxer,
that the twenty-first century
wasn’t made for old souls like mine.
Doc thinks I’m too old
to be twenty-three, constantly forgetting
the barriers of my few years.
Like that I never wrote about myself
until he gave me moments
worth writing down, and cared
about the person behind the words.
That I learned who I was by learning
who he was, and drew a timeline
of intersection points where each
node became a poem, and each poem
became a stepping stone.
Doc unearthed an old
soul in my notebook.
Old like a favori
Turn my words against me.I want my words to take
root in your stomach and grow
up your esophagus, the calyx
of your tongue brushing the edge
of your teeth until the words blossom
from your lips in a slow
explosion of elegance, jawline
trickled with nectar, charming
hummingbirds and honeybees
with the promise of butterfly kisses.

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The Visual Novel: Video Games as a Literary MediumWhat is it?

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The visual novel is most easily compared to interactive fiction or the Choose Your Own Adventure series - at various points, the player is prompted to make some sort of choice that has the potential to affect the outcome of the game.  A typical game usually has at least three endings; a Bad, Neutral, and Good (also called the "Perfect" or "True" ending). However, this is not necessarily standard - most seem to fall somewhere between 4 and 10 unique endings. Often
Foreign Words the English Language NeedsOh hello. I’m finally getting around to making this news article that I said I might do, like, a month ago. Sorry, I’m not used to writing news articles. Bear with me.
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Hiraeth (Welsh)
What it means: A feeling of longing associated with displacement, but not necessarily displacement from one’s original home. An intense yearning to be somewhere you are not. Hiraeth also expresses a sort of ache or longing for something of the past, somewhat similar to the notion of "golden" or "good old days," but with more ancient connotations.
Why it needs to be a thing in English: I speak as someone from a country
Untitled is just a synonym for lazy.Well, the color poem form I introduced to dA was a rousing success, but interest of late seems to have died down. So I'm back with a new form for you all, something exciting and new, something different, something that I will probably make into a contest once I get some points in the bank. You ready?
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Found Poetry Project - Titles as Art

One of my favorite things about the creative process is coming up with a good title. The title can make or break a piece; it can give context not provided in the piece itself, set a tone or mood, or just give that little extra something you can't put a name on.
You know I'm right. How many times have you stumbled into an ordinary piece with a beautifully creative title? And it's not something
Managing Your Inbox: Some Tips on StreamliningI'm not really an organized person. Yeah, sure, I like to TRY to be one, but most of my attempts to clean house don't stick. The one exception, however, is in my online life. I keep everything to do with the computer tabbed and organized and that includes my dA life.  
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Sat Aug 16, 2014, 8:40 PM


Another relaxing week, frantic job hunting aside. Russ is enjoying daycare, though he still has issues with the separation. I picked him on Thursday so we could meet the cousins at the trampoline park; he saw me and started crying and came running :XD: I picked him up and he was crying "take good care of me, Lauren!"

According to the day care lady, he's alright and has fun once he gets over the dropping off process. I think he just hates change - he never wants me to take him home either. If it even looks like we're going in that direction, he'll start saying "we're not going to my house!" He doesn't like leaving when someone comes to pick him up either.

So anyway, we went to the trampoline park that day; I don't bounce, but I do get to go in as a guardian, so I got some time in on the trampolines for free. It's a neat place, but you get real tired, real fast.

It was our weekend with him too; my brother has moved out of this house, so Mom stayed in his room last night. I bought Epic Mickey 2 for Russ (well, for me really, but still), and he thinks it's hilarious to hit the second player character. He doesn't play, just hits Oswald :XD: Did it for a good chunk of the evening too. Mom had to pry him out of my room so she could get him to go to bed. The whole time it was "I wanna nap in Lauren's room!"

You may find it humorous or sad that Russ occasionally calls me mom.

I took him out for a few hours this afternoon since I had a coupon for Micheal's that expired. Got some new stuff to work with and some nice pictures:
This particular street has had a lot of renovated buildings of late, this cute little alleyway being one of the upgrades.
Lots of boats on the river this evening; Russ and I saw at least four speedboats in the few minutes we were on the bridge.
Shot of the day :heart: The sun was just in a perfect position, shining right between the buildings and down to this pavilion courtyard thing behind the Rivermarket.

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your shadow and I have begun
to argue about sharing space
the color of endingsI've always hated
the color of my eyes
and I'm beginning to
understand why
hazel - the color of endings,
of moss before a frost,
tree leaves losing their bright green,
a siren call of fall,
an ending that cannot be reversed.
I see reflected in my eyes
endings upon endings,
goodbyes to joy,
those farewells
that I hate so much.
but I remember reading somewhere
that the colors of red, yellow, orange
leaves are the natural colors -
chlorophyll green
is a mere mask for
the truest hues.
and I can almost hear a command
being spoken,
which I know by heart:
"love your neighbor as yourself."
love yourself,
love yourself.

Radio SilenceI wonder if your transmitters
could stop dead a human heart,
if the tangles of cables and wires
you've made into armor
ever lets the wind whistle through.
Surely it's lonely measuring sines and troughs
but never making your own -
studying the art of sending signals,
cloaked in a heavy web of empty.
One day I will look back on your plain face
and wonder what I saw there.
The fingers like telephone towers,
teeth aligned like cemetery stones.
You live in a little world
of dot dot dash to the deadline
end transmission.
And I cannot translate you.
Breathing RoomI leave chrysanthemums
scattered at your feet on tile floor
like the pencil shavings piled
on your desk.
"The flower of death,"
you murmur;
with Rorschach roses on your knuckles
and the hint of a warrior
in the line of your lips,
you sketch bears with open jaws
and black-shadow eyes
in the margins of your math book
with permanent ink.
The hooded abyss of your gaze
masks everything
you can't bring yourself to say:
Love is short
and prone to fading.
It's a good thing I don't mind breathing life
into negative spaces.

The color of betrayalYellow is the color of the land when it betrays you. That's what Mama says. She said it during the drought year, pointing to fields of corn that stopped growing knee-high and turned a sickly gold.
Why you wanna dress that color, she said.
But I did. I liked the way it was soft like a spring flower. I liked the way it looked against my skin. So I folded my arms and stomped my foot. This is what I want, I said.
That was the summer of the squatters. Mama called them that. She let them hide in her house during the day so the police wouldn't grab them off the street and send them to the farms, or worse. Most of them were migrants. All of them sang the blues.
I didn't mind the squatters. They were kind to me, usually, and they told the best stories. They brought news, too. Some of them had news from as far away as Chicago. I listened to everything they had to say and everything they had to sing.
Mama would get up early in the morning every day. Usually she'd send me off to school -- not the
if every second was a perfect soundI realised yesterday
that there is no time in life for half-measures –
when I love people I want to love them loudly enough that they know it.
I want to tie my heart to the sleeves of every passer-by
so that they understand how much I want them around.
I want to write love on scrap paper and tuck it into the crevices in walls like a birthday wish
and never let misanthropy grow where it shouldn’t be.
The sun burns itself just to send light out for thousands of miles
and keep us alive.
I want to try.

Coding by SimplySilent

Send me some homonyms! 

4 deviants said Desert/ desert
4 deviants said Wait/ weight
3 deviants said Phial/ file
3 deviants said Flower/ flour
2 deviants said Tinder/ tender
1 deviant said Finnish/ finish
1 deviant said Maid/ made
No deviants said Die/ dye


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